How To Choose The Ideal Walk-in Tub For Your Needs

With a walk-in tub, people are able to literally walk into their bath tub before lying down for a soak. Because they can have a lot of different features, the price of a walk-in tub can really vary. This is why you shouldn’t base your decision on price alone. Also, you also have to think about the fact that a walk-in tub is there to stop people from falling. Considering the financial and mental price of a fall means that the price of a walk-in tub becomes almost insignificant. You do, however, have to make sure it meets your needs. Hopefully, the following pointers will help you decide which one is best for you.

First and foremost, do you need a framed or frameless option. With a framed option, a steel frame suspends the bottom of the tub off the floor. Instead, in a frameless design a single, super strong mold holds everything together. It will mainly be down to weight when choosing between these two options. Add the weight of the water to the weight of yourself and question whether this can be suspended off the floor. You then have to think about whether you want an acrylic or a fiberglass option. Fiberglass cost more money, but it is also stronger. You then have to think of features, in particular whether you have a hydrotherapy tub. With hydrotherapy, a combination of air and water jets are used to offer amazing health benefits. On the other hand, it means your tub is full of electronics and pipes and that you will need specialized cleaning equipment as well. Not every walk-in tub is able to cope with that.

After this, think about how long it will take you to drain the bath. Very often, the drain height doesn’t get changed when you install a walk-in tub, which means it can take a long time for the bath to drain. It is possible, however, to install additional features that will drain the bath in just two minutes. This is important, as you will have to remain in the bath while it drains. Last but not least, think about the practicalities of a purchase. Think about the warranty that is offered on your tub and what it covers. For example, does the warranty cover your entire bath and plumbing, or only the walk-in element. The length of time your warranty is valid is also very important. Think about installation as well, in terms of whether you want a professional installer to do it for you, or whether you know a guy. It is generally cheaper to do it yourself, but this may void the warranty.