How To Prevent Common Plumbing Leaks

While there are many plumbing situations that come up and are unexpected, some problems are more predictable. One of the most common types of plumbing problems that homeowners come across are leaks. Having a water leak in your home could be cause by a lot of reasons but the most common reasons that homeowners come across a leak in the plumbing system are due damage to the pipes themselves, because of frozen pipes or because of a leaky fixture in the home. While many of these problems are fairly easy to repair, a professional plumber should still be contacted in order to make sure that problem is fixed correctly and that there are no bigger underlying problems that are actually causing the leaks in your home.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes freezing are a major cause of leaks or even a burst pipe in people’s homes. Having a frozen pipe burst can cause major damage to the structure of your home and damage to personal belongings inside of your home. Pipes can freeze when outdoor plumbing pipes touch the exterior section of your home or if indoor pipes are not insulated properly. If the water isn’t being used on a regular basis during cold weather, it will freeze inside of the pipes. And if the pipes are not thawed properly they can burst, causing major water leakage. Insulating pipes can greatly reduce the chance of your pipes freezing. Also, leaving your faucets running for a bit while you are away from home (from the help of a neighbor or friend) will help to keep the water moving through therefore less susceptible to freezing or bursting. If pipes do ever freeze in your home, contact your local plumbing experts immediately to come help thaw your pipes and prevent them from bursting.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are another common problem to come across in your home and can often occur through natural wear and tear of the pipes. In order to catch a leak sooner than later and prevent damage to your home and plumbing system, you should regularly check the piping found underneath sinks and in closets. Those areas tend to have a lot of clutter making it difficult to spot a leak; pipes in basement areas should also be checked regularly and inspected for drips or leaks. Being vigilant and knowing what your pipes look like will help you to spot variations that can lead to leaking issues, allowing the problem to be fixed before damage is done.

Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets, outdoor faucets or shower spouts are other common areas where water leaks are found in homes. Even if the leak or drip is very subtle, this problem should be fixed as quickly as possible. Having even a small leak fixed immediately will prevent any serious damage and major repairs down the line. Leaks around faucets and shower spouts can generally be prevented by regularly replacing washers and o rings to prevent them from completely wearing out. Also, sometimes there comes a time when it is necessary to replace the whole fixture because it is cheaper and less time consuming that having to continuously repair and replace parts on older faucet models.
While a small drip here and there in your pipes and around your fixtures may not seem like a big deal, it quickly can turn into something more serious. Having a trusted, local plumber that you can call on to help you with large or small plumbing issues will save you both time and money in the future. A leak left untreated for a long period of time can result in you spending more money, dealing more serious repairs, and the general headache of it all.

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