Opt For Renew Crew For Your Log House Cleaning Services

While most home owners are used to spring cleaning their houses, log home owners understand very well that they own a house that needs attention the entire year. Wood decks, patios, porches and entire log homes require the same things: a lot of attention on the cleaning process. For most people, cleaning and maintaining their log homes are best left to professionals that have years of experience and success in this line of work. And companies such as Renew Crew, with their three-step cleaning process are among the best choices you have. A very important part of preparing your log home or wood decks and patios for the winter is cleaning them first. So before you decide to hire companies such as Renew Crew, you need to look into their cleaning process first. This way, you can decide whether or not these are service providers you would want to hire.

Renew Crew first applies a foam wash on the surface, soaking wood fibers where mildew and dirt are usually trapped. This is important since any damage on the wood fibers could be problematic and it is bad enough that these are the problems that go unnoticed the most. Chlorine is not an ingredient in the cleaning solution that Renew Crew uses, unlike other cleaning companies because chlorine causes a bleaching effect and chemical reaction which damages wood fibers further; the non-abrasive cleaning solution that Renew Crew uses stops bleaching effect and chemical breakdown preserving the natural beauty of the wood. The second step after the foam has been given time to emulsify is pressure washing the wood. This pressure wash would rinse away all dirt and mildew on the surface of the wood efficiently. Pressure washers used by Renew Crew is different than typical washers because it is pressure adjustable, allowing them to clean the surface efficiently without causing any damage.

Finally, Renew Crew applies their exclusive wood sealants that also provides UV protective layers. This would prevent the wood from looking old or worn that is caused by sun damage. The sealant is also a protective barrier against mold and mildew and dirt which means you would not have as many cleanings to maintain the beauty of the wood. It is important that you choose a company that you can trust when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your log homes and wood decks. So this is the reason you should only rely on companies such as Renew Crew that have a good track record among clients in the industry.