Tips To Be Sure You Have The Correct Number Of Cameras And Angles For Your Home CCTV System

All of us want to make sure our home is secure. One way to do this is by installing a residential CCTV system. Their main benefit is that they deter crime, but if something does happen, they also provide great evidence. A CCTV system is only truly effective if the right number of cameras are utilized and they are placed at the right angle. This all depends on the area, the assets and the type of cameras. The best system has a multitude of cameras that overlap, but this makes it much more expensive.

What people should try to achieve is to install a security system that is able to provide evidence in court. This means the cameras have to be placed carefully so that all possible perpetrators are caught on film. This is achievable by placing the cameras in key locations across the property. Two of these key locations are entry and egress points. Anyone that wants to come in or leave a property needs to use these points. Interestingly enough, research has demonstrated that burglars will actually try the front door first in most cases. The cameras at these points should give a narrow angle of view. This makes it possible to capture far more detailed images. Hence, perpetrators can easily be identified. Obviously, how the camera is placed is also critical. The camera should be placed in such a way that it is not possible to reach the entry and exit points without getting captured. Do not install cameras with automatic pan at entry and egress points. This is because these provide a window of opportunity for perpetrators to pass through undetected. To get the rest of security right, it must be determined what actually needs to be watched. There is no such thing as too many cameras, but most of us are unable to afford a truly large amount of devices.

There are two main priorities for any CCTV system. These are catching the act and identifying the perpetrator. As such, having the right lens and placing the camera at the right angle is the most important thing. It happens all too often that the captured footage does not provide enough details. This is why residential CCTV systems should be installed with the right lens. The best lens only focuses on what needs to be shown. However, it is also very important not to have too small of an angle, as this makes it possible to get past them. Usually, using a security company for advice on initial installation is the best option.