Top 10 Plumbing Tools to Have at Home

There are many great plumbers who make house calls, some problems are small enough for the handy fix it person to solve at home. Various projects will require different tools. Have the necessary equipment on hand to take care of the smaller plumbing problems.

Plumbing tools to keep at home:

1. An adjustable pipe wrench is designed to grip round objects which make their use with plumbing pipes so essential. It has sharp serrated teeth for a firm grip which increases in pressure as the wrench is turned.

2. A toilet augur is also known as closet or water closet augers. Water toilet is the plumbing term for toilet and the augur is a specialized plumbing tool used to clear clogs in toilets. The toilet augur is distinctly different from a sink auger and the two should never be interchanged.

3. A flange plunger is also known as a ball plunger which is specially shaped to clear clogs in toilets by vacuum and force of water. The special shape seals the toilet bowl hole which differs from a cup shaped plunger used for sinks and tubs.

4. A cup plunger is a common home tool used for plumbing to clear clogs in sinks, tubs and showers. It is not made to clear toilets.Teflon tape is good to have on hand if you have pipes that are leaking at the joints. This tape is inexpensive and easy to apply when trying to seal pipe threads.

5. Teflon tape can also be used to seal air and gas from leaking through dryer connections.

6. A sink auger is also known as a drum auger or a canister auger. This tool is valuable to have in your home. It is easy to use to break up and clear clogs in sinks and tubs. The auger should never be used on toilets.

7. A faucet valve set wrench is used to remove the faucet body valve seat when replacing this part. When this plumbing fixture has worn down and needs to be replaced, the simplest way is to just replace it with the same hardware. Installing a different one will require additional work.

8. A faucet valve reseating tool is also known as a valve seat dresser or a valve seat grinder. It is used to resurface the valve seat in the faucet body if you are not able to remove the valve seat or decide you do not want to replace it.

9. Replacement faucet packing and washers are great to keep on hand. Replacing the O-ring or rubber washer is simple. Before you purchase the replacements, take the removed hardware to the store so you get the same size replacement. A faucet which uses packing string will just need the old removed and area cleaned before installing the new. Tightly wrap the new packing around the stem of the faucet and trim any excess before you put the sink back together.

10. A tubing cutter is essential if you will be working with copper piping. It is important to have any cuts in the pipes smooth with square cut ends and well fitted joints. This cutter will make these jobs easier.

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