Unfinished Wood Floors: Easy and Convenient Installation

Hardwood flooring has certainly become a popular choice for many homeowners. There are many types of wood flooring available in the market that is why people need to look carefully to ensure that they are choosing the floor that best suits their lifestyle. While some people choose floors that are easy to install, others may opt for those that are harder to install but more customizable. People who wish to have more control on the styles of it often go for unfinished wood floors installation, and a flooring team company have good things to say about it.

Why Choose Unfinished Wood Floors?

Although unfinished installation takes more time and effort to accomplish, the finished product has made a lot of homeowners happy and satisfied. It gives you more options on your floor stains, and the planks are more even and stable because it is sanded down on-site. The floor installers will also be able to do inlays and borders with unfinished wood. And because unfinished flooring are commonly made with square edges, succeeding planks will be able to fit tightly together, preventing the floor from collecting dirt and dust.

Unfinished Wood Floors Installation

As mentioned above, this installation is a task that needs some time to complete. Before the wood can be installed into the room, it needs to sit for two weeks in the area of installation to become accustomed to its surroundings’ humidity. Old flooring is removed and the floor is levelled when it is necessary. The floor is then cleaned and sealed to prevent collecting any moisture.

Installing plywood and felt paper also help prevent the presence of moist on the floors. In addition, the felt paper also prevents the floor from making any squeaky sounds. The unfinished flooring is then installed, and this is when the sanding follows. Gaps are then filled to avoid the collection of dirt. The floors must be thoroughly cleaned before applying the first coating. After this, light sanding is done to the floor and two coats of finish are applied.

Floor Installation Experts

Installing it doesn’t only take a lot of time and effort, but it also needs the expertise of experienced hardwood floor installers to be properly accomplished. Because of the intricacy of the task, the installation of unfinished wood floors is best to be entrusted to experts to avoid crucial mistakes. If you want to make sure that errors are minimized, let the floor installation experts handle your home.

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