Fences Enhance a Home’s Curb Appeal

When homeowners want to improve their properties, they want additions that will increase the value and enhance the appearance of their homes. Sturdy, well-designed residential fences can add privacy and beauty to a residence. If installed incorrectly or without consideration to the style of the home, fences can detract from the home’s exterior design.

A residential fence on or around private property can serve many functions such as marking the property boundaries, protecting children and pets or designating a certain area for a particular purpose. Almost everyone wants fencing around a garden containing prize roses for example, and a fence around the pool is a requirement for many towns and cities.

Popular Types of Fence Material

Three main types of fencing for residential use are vinyl, wood and aluminum. Although other choices are available, these three are the usual selections, with wood being the most cost-effective. Many people are drawn to the look of wood and it does indeed make a very attractive fence when properly maintained. Of course, wood fences require periodic painting or staining but many people find that a small inconvenience when considering the eye-catching charm of wood.

The white picket fence around one’s own property was part of the American dream for many decades. It is best used as a backdrop for flowers, vines or ornamental bushes. It gives a property a country feel and is still one of the top choices by many homeowners. However, vinyl fencing has recently become very popular. It is strong and flexible, usually includes a lifetime warranty and never needs painting.

Some manufacturers claim a vinyl fence is the last fence anyone will ever need to buy because of its strength and durability. The color is bonded all the way through the material so scrapes and scratches do not show. The initial cost of vinyl is higher than wood but offers long term savings in reduced maintenance and repair.

Help is Available

When deciding on a fence for your home, consider working with a local fence company. They are familiar with all types of materials for residential fences and can help you choose which style, design and material is right for your home. Plus, you’ll be able to see and touch the different types of fences and gates they have on display. Whether you want to complete a fence project yourself or want it done for you, local fence companies can help you select the best options in fencing specific to your style of home.

In addition, you might also consider hand railing, deck railing, stair railing, mailbox posts, lamp posts and matching gates to further accent your home. If you have an idea of what you may like but do not know how to coordinate it, a fence company can help you make the perfect choices that will add to the attractiveness and enjoyment of your property.

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