Split System Air Conditioning 101

Everyone, regardless of where they live and what the climate tends to be, has a need for an air conditioning system. However, many people are not aware of that there are major differences in the types of aircon systems available. Especially when it comes to split system air conditioners. By the time you finish reading this article you will have some basic knowledge of these systems and the advantage of having one over the more traditional kind.

You will often hear of split system air conditioners referred to as duct-free, ductless, and mini split or ductless split systems, however be aware that they are for all intents and purposes split system air cons. What’s really neat about these systems are that they allow you to opt for either cooling your entire residence at once or only certain areas. This could really help to save on your bills as well. And get this; some even have heating options too.

On the surface, one would think that these systems are more difficult to install than the traditional aircon unit but that is not the case. These systems are set up so that there is no need to have the condenser right near the evaporator. That is what allows the owner the option of being able to cool any location in the home easily.

Another great thing about these split system air conditioners is that you can have them in either the ceiling, a wall or even the floor itself. They also come with very convenient remote controls. And you can kiss one of your air conditioner pet peeves goodbye with these systems as well: noise. Because of the fact that the compressor is located outside of the residence you will hear very little racket coming from the system when it is running.

Ready for more advantages? Okay. Since split system air conditioners do not need any kind of ducting, they are far more energy proficient than the traditional central systems which require all kinds of ducting in order to be their most effective. The downside to that method is that they often wind up losing over 30 percent of their effectiveness.

And split system air conditioners cost less than central systems. So, not only are you spending less, you are also getting a whole lot more bang for your buck. When considering what type of AC system to get for your residence, do not overlook split air conditioners. They may be just the solution you are looking for.

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