Performing Tune Up Maintenance On Your Air Conditioning System Will Save You Money This Summer

Many people will soon switch their air conditioners on again, as the temperatures are set to rise. However, before you turn yours on, make sure you have done a few things first. First, change the filter. This is simple maintenance that will keep it running properly. You should also check how often you are supposed to change your filter when you use your air conditioner. Most filters won’t last more than 90 days.

You should also make sure your unit is tuned up first. This must be done by a qualified contractor. Doing this will prevent problems from occurring later one. A tune up will fix minor issues that can become major problems if not taken care of. During a tune up, you can expect your engineer to test all the electrical components, check the refrigerant pressure and clean all the coils. Doing so will create a more efficient, and therefore cheaper, air conditioner. Do also remember that it doesn’t cost much to tune up an air conditioning unit, but it is very expensive to repair one if it breaks down.

Do make sure that you only work with companies that are highly professional and reputable. This is why you must take the time to research your options, particularly if this is the first time you have arranged a tune up. A few places to look include your state’s registrar of contractors, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and online reviews. Remember that the cheapest company may not give you the best value for money, so don’t be too tempted by low prices. Once your unit has been tuned, you should simply leave it switched on. Many people don’t realize that they don’t actually save any money by switching their unit off when they are out. Once you switch off the air conditioning, your house will start to warm up and it will take a great deal of energy for your unit to cool it back down. Besides the fact that it will cost you a whole lot in electricity, it is also far more likely for your air conditioning unit to be overworked and break down. Do remember that repairing an air conditioning unit is hugely expensive, above and beyond the cost of running it permanently. Check that your unit comes with a thermostat, so that it is able to keep the temperature stable at all times. Your engineer should also check the thermostat is fully operational when he or she does you tune up. Overall, doing a tune up will certainly save you a lot of money come summer.